Take Advantage of Our Reduced Off-Season Pricing!

Maximize Your RV Vacation Experience

If you haven’t noticed, temperatures in Sedona have been on the rise. At Sand Highway RV Rentals LLC, the warmer weather of spring and summer means that it’s time to get outdoors and enjoy some recreation across our great state of Arizona. Just think of all the great places you can go in an RV rental: Lake Pleasant, the Grand Canyon, Imperial Sand Dunes, and more.

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But to make the most of your getaway, we recommend that you take advantage of these few rental tips.

1. Don’t wait until the last minute.

When it comes to a motorhome rental, the early bird truly DOES get the worm. Booking early means you get your pick from all our motorhomes and travel trailer rentals. The longer you wait during the vacation season, the fewer number of RVs we have available to rent.

2. Go for the better deal.

At Sand Highway, we try to make our rentals as affordable as possible. However, don’t reserve a motorhome without first checking out our rental specials. You may qualify for even better savings, which will allow you to spend your vacation money elsewhere.

3. Know before you sign.

It’s always a good rule to read through any document you’re asked to sign. Before signing your rental agreement, peruse the policies so you know your responsibility as a renter. Plus, if you have any questions, you can ask them before you’ve already agreed to the terms.

4. Take the toys with you.

If you own a four-wheeler or RZR, make plans to take it with you on vacation. We can add a toy hauler to your RV rental so you will have everything you need for a fun getaway at your fingertips.

These few tips can help you turn a good AZ vacation into one you’ll never forget. To ask about our availability or to reserve a motorhome, contact Sand Highway at (602) 730-4505 during regular business hours, or use our online reservation system any time.


photo credit: Root 66 — No. 2 via photopin (license)