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Road Trip to the Imperial Sand Dunes

Interested in a weekend filled with off-road adventure and miles of beautiful California sand dunes, not far from Sun City, AZ? Then you may want to consider loading your ATV on to a trailer rental and heading to the Imperial Sand Dunes (ISD) Recreation Area—a top travel destination suggested by Sand Highway RV Rentals. Here’s what you can expect from a trip to the ISD.

Off-Road Fun
Imperial Sand Dunes

Many visitors to the ISD bring their off-road vehicles to enjoy more than 40 miles of desert landscape—the largest sand dune area in California! Almost all off-road vehicles are permitted, according to an ISD brochure, but you’ll want to do a bit of research as to age restrictions and policies. Also, be sure to check into a trailer rental from Sand Highway RV Rental, in case you need a way to transport your off-road vehicle.

Tumco Walking Tour

If you’re interested in getting a bit of ISD history, you may want to check out the Tumco walking tour. This self-guided hike takes you through the once mining town of Tumco. While its remains are crumbling, you can still make out some building foundations, a cemetery, and reservoir.


If you plan on getting an RV rental for your trip to the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area, Sand Highway RV Rental includes an ISD complimentary season pass with your motorhome rental. This pass is valued at $150 and can be used anytime between October 1 and April 15 each year.

Sand Highway RV Rentals has many motorhome rental, trailer rental, and toy hauler rental options. If you need some help deciding on the best trailer rental to fit your road trip to the ISD, contact Sand Highway RV Rentals at (602) 730-4505.

photo credit: bill85704 via photopin cc