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The Grand Canyon for Beginners

Stretching 277 miles long and cutting a trench 6,000 feet deep, the Grand Canyon is one of the United States‘ most popular tourist destinations and natural wonders. But if you want to truly experience the canyon, you’ll need to prepare ahead of time. Our team at Sand Highway RV Rentals knows that the Grand Canyon is on countless travel bucket lists, and we want to help you do it right.

Grand Canyon

When to Go

The Grand Canyon is wildly popular during the summer months, since a stay during those vacation months often means warmer weather. However, spring and fall are also great times to visit because it is less crowded. The South Rim is open year-round, while the North Rim is open seasonally from mid-May through mid-October. Finally, Grand Canyon West is open year-round.

Which Rim?

Because of the the Grand Canyon’s size, it’s usually tackled by visiting one specific rim at a time. There are three main rims — the North, the South, and the West. For a beginner, we recommend the most popular of the three, the South Rim. Most families opt to stay and camp here. It’s open all year, and has campgrounds, lodges, restaurants, and museums, as well as natural attractions and hiking trails.

What to Do

  • Wildlife Viewing- More than 90 different mammals call this park home, including elk, bighorn sheep, bison, and mule deer. Mountain lions also hide within the canyon walls, and they are the largest predators of this area. Reptiles, birds, insects, and amphibians also inhabit this special land.
  • Hiking, Biking, and Train Riding- Rent a bike and travel the scenic Hermit Road or Canyon Rim Trail. For the train lovers out there, consider a ride on the Grand Canyon Railway. 
  • Mule Rides- If your family has older children, you can consider taking a memorable mule ride into or around the canyon, but be sure to make a reservation in advance.

RV Rentals

We recommend that you reserve your campsite and then contact our team at Sand Highway RV Rentals LLC to find the right RV rental for your group. We have a broad range of motorhome rentals and travel trailer rentals to fit your needs and budget. Plus, our RV rental company is within driving distance of Grand Canyon National Park, and we can make sure you’re fitted with everything you need to make your trip a good one. To make your RV rental reservation, contact us at (602) 730-4505 or fill out our online reservation request form.