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Different Types of Gas and How They Affect Your Rental

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Our professional rental specialists work tirelessly to maintain the quality and condition of our vehicles, so the right type of gas is important. If you’re new to driving or simply oblivious to car care, you may not understand the impact the fuel you use can have on your vehicle.

Different Types of Gas


Most cars and trucks turn to petrol for their fueling needs. In fact, 143 billion gallons of gasoline were used in 2016 alone. Formulated for vehicles with four-stroke engines, this fossil fuel is the most common, but it is known to have harsh environmental effects. 


As a more eco-friendly alternative to gasoline, many drivers are taking advantage of ethanol. Crafted from natural products such as sugar cane, corn, and barley, this bio-friendly fuel is famous for the low emissions of pollution. On average, the use of ethanol reduces greenhouse gas emissions by at least 34%. 


Like the name suggests, diesel fuel is used for larger vehicles such as boats, RV’s, trucks, and even trains. Diesel is powerful enough to carry heavy machinery but produces more nitrous oxide which leads to smog. Though diesel is harmful to the environment, it is 40% more efficient than gasoline.  

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