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Check Out Our Rental Accessories

At Sand Highway RV and Powersport Rentals, we love to see friends and family come together as they travel in an RV rental. RV travel is a wonderful way to explore the country and create long-lasting memories. Our RVs come fully loaded with amenities, but did you know we also provide a number of exciting rental accessories to enhance your trip? Check out three of our favorites listed below.

Rental Accessories

1. A Bike Rack

Our bike racks are hitch-mounted and can hold up to four bikes. We love seeing families take their bikes on camping trips to add an element of exercise into their travel plans. Biking is a fun way to get from point A to point B, and is more adaptable than a car, yet faster than walking. This way you can explore more nature and leave your car behind. And don’t forget – riding a bike is super fun and exhilarating, or can just be a leisurely way to end a lovely day at the campground.

2. A Kayak or Paddle Board

Kayaking and paddle boarding have amazing health benefits and can be a fun way to bond with the whole family. Kayaking improves cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and can even improve your mental health. Paddle boarding is an unexpected way to experience nature like never before. You’ll be immersed in nature, feel the ebbs and flows of the water around you, all while making memories with your loved ones. At Sand Highway, we rent two-person inflatable kayaks as well as inflatable paddle boards. So you can pack the fun without taking up too much room in your RV.

3. Fishing Rod and Tacklepak

Finally, have you taught your kids to fish yet? Taking an RV trip as a family is the perfect way to spend time with your kids without the distraction of screens and devices. Take this opportunity to teach your kids some important life skills like fishing and building a fire, and watch them develop a love of the outdoors. Your kids will also learn important lessons like patience and conservation while learning to fish. Teaching kids that good things come to those who wait is always valuable.

To learn more about our accessories for rent or to make a reservation for an RV, contact us today at (602) 730-4505. We’ve been serving the Phoenix area with high quality, well-maintained rentals since 2013.