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Excited about your upcoming adventure? You probably have it all planned out, everything’s packed, and reservations are made. But something that can go overlooked, especially for those who are inexperienced haulers, is towing safety. Here are five safety tips from the team at Sand Highway RV & Powersport Rentals to help you on your trip.

5 Tips for Towing Your Rental Trailer Safely

Load Limits

First things first, you need to understand the load capacity of all of your equipment. Your towing vehicle, trailer, hitch, and tires are all going to have ratings as far as what is a safe travel weight. You should always adhere to these limits, and never go beyond what is stated even if it doesn’t seem like much. Bonus tip, make sure the weight of what you’re towing is evenly distributed to prevent large weight shifts while driving.

Pre-Departure Check

Before you take off, it’s a great idea to give everything another inspection. Check your tires for any wear or tear, make sure everything is securely latched and fastened, and have someone help you to ensure all safety lights are operating as they should.

Follow Distance

Towing large loads is going to change your stopping time and distance dramatically. To ensure the safety of yourself and other drivers, be sure to maintain an appropriate following distance to allow for a reasonable reaction time. A good rule of thumb is to keep at least a five-second gap between yourself and the vehicle in front of you.

Emergency Response

Traveling on the road can be unpredictable already, and adding a trailer to the mix can make things even more difficult. In the event of an emergency sway, you’ll want to know the proper method of regaining control. Should your trailer begin to sway you’ll want to let off the gas, do NOT apply the brakes, and continue straight forward until the trailer is back under control. Counter-steering or hitting your brakes can make a bad situation even worse.

Post-Arrival Check

You’ve arrived safely so you’re all done, right? Well, towing puts a lot of strain on your equipment and it’s a good idea to give everything a quick look to make sure it’s all in good shape. This can help save you time when you’re ready to hit the road again.

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