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5 Creative Ways to Save Space in Your RV

When it comes to RV rentals, the most common concern people have is space. For years, Sand Highway RV Rentals of Phoenix has taken that into consideration when providing quality RV rentals. Call (602) 730-4505 to learn more about your options.

Though the idea of sharing intimate campfires is appealing, the amount of room in your RV can be an issue for a lot of people, especially if you’re traveling with a larger family. Sometimes you have to get creative when making space. With so many fun activities to do in Arizona you don’t want to miss out. Whether you’re a photographer, whitewater rafter, or simply like a lot of shoes, you need room for your stuff. Below is a comprehensive list to saving space in your RV. 

Rvs with Storage

1. Slide-Out Drawers 

Slide-out drawers in creative spaces such as under table surfaces or a bed are great ways to store extra equipment. Modern-day RV’s have made use of slide-out drawers in hidden spaces like beneath benches to ensure that every inch is used efficiently.

2. Hanging Shelves

These are usually made of cloth or plastic, so they are light, removable, and do not damage the RV. A long, hanging shelf is perfect for bedrooms and can even give an air of privacy. Shorter metal shelves can be useful in the bathroom above the sink to hold toiletries or in the kitchen to store utensils and cooking supplies. 

3. Attach Shoe Racks and Containers to the Walls

Extra wall space can be used to stock an abundance of items. Cloth shoe racks and containers take up very little room and can be hung almost anywhere. 

4. Pull Out Surfaces 

Make use of all your space with surfaces that can pull out. Many modern-day RV’s are equipped with built-in cutting boards and tables. 

5. Mounted Equipment and Supplies 

Enjoy your vacation to the fullest by bringing your hobbies with you. Never worry about storing whatever equipment you need by attaching removable hooks to the walls to hold your bike or even tying your canoe to the ceiling. 

Arizona is known for its beauty. Come to visit us at Sand Highway RV Rentals, and rent one of our luxury RV’s. Call (602) 730-4505 to start your adventure!  

Photo credit: www.visualhunt.com