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3 Ways to Use a Toy Hauler Rental

Toy haulers have increased in popularity as an option for traveling in Phoenix and across the country. But what is it about toy haulers that make these spacious models so appealing as a means of travel? Here at Sand Highway RV Rentals LLC, we share three ways our toy hauler rentals are providing our clients with the versatility they need on the open road.

Renting a Toy Hauler Near Phoenix

1) Bringing Your Favorite Bike or Quad

If you have a special ATV or motorcycle that you can’t go anywhere without, then our toy haulers are right up your alley. With a toy hauler, the worry of having to separately tow and secure your toy is a thing of the past. Not only is unloading your favorite toy easier, but it also protects your ATV or bike from dirt and debris that it would have been exposed to through open means of towing.

2) Storing Whatever You Need

Some RVers don’t even have toys but still enjoy renting a toy hauler for the space. As a “blank canvas” for travelers to store whatever they need, toy haulers are simply the most versatile recreational vehicles in terms of layout. Families can easily find a place for hard-to-store objects like strollers or playpens for their children.

3) Gearing Up for Anything

Toy haulers are not only great for traveling, but they can also be transformed into more than just a living space. From art festivals to work events, you can turn a toy hauler into a portable art studio or workspace. Bulky woodcarvings or huge paintings may be hard to transport in a vehicle, so renting a toy hauler can be a quick solution to traveling with heavy, valuable materials.

Rent a toy hauler for endless possibilities in Phoenix and beyond. Call or text Sand Highway RV Rentals at (602) 730-4505 for availability, or reserve online now.