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3 Tips for RVing in the Southwest

With sunny skies and endless natural beauty, there’s no wonder why the Southwest is an RV and motorhome magnet. You’ll never run out of new adventures when you’re on the road. If you’re getting ready or dreaming about an RV trip in the Southwest, we have a few tips for you. And when you’re ready to try your hand at renting an RV, Sand Highway RV Rentals LLC has you covered. With reasonable rates and great features, our RV rentals will blow you away.

3 Tips for RVing in the Southwest 

1. Plan for Quick Temperature Changes

You might think that Arizona would be sun and warmth at all times. But in the desert, nighttime temperatures can drop fast, even on the warmest days. Bring along extra blankets and layers of clothes. And if you’re camping, a campfire is a great way to warm up at night. 

2. Consider Where You Park

Just like you seek out shade for your car when you park, do the same when you drive an RV. When you make a reservation at a campsite, ask for a shaded campsite. Upon arrival, check the position of the sun and the trees during peak sun times. You want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your shade cover. 

3. Respect the Desert

There’s no way of getting around the hot, dry climate of the American Southwest. So take extra precautions to drink more water, avoid places where scorpions may be lurking, and please don’t touch the cactus plants (some are decades old and protected by law). 

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